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Professional Services

Get effective vfx story telling solutions for your television, film, and special venue projects. 

We are your ally in realizing your vision in any scale, complexity, or resolution. 

VFX Supervision

Because we supervise and advise shooting complex VFX sequences with EXPERIENCE and PROFESSIONALISM, we can ensure the easiest process through post-production. Get great results with our photographic location survey and on-set HDR capture service.

John F Gross Visual Effects Supervisor On-Set Supervision Mirror Ball

Digital Set Extensions

Get creative FLEXIBILITY and control with virtual builds. Visual Effects can extend your stage, set, location beyond what’s physically possible.

Full CG Shots

Free up YOUR VISION from script to screen with custom-built assets. Everything is possible!

Digital Makeup and Prosthetics

Because you want your characters to be their BEST! Augment, clean-up, and integrate existing stage makeup or TRANSFORM an actor’s screen appearance with custom-designed cg prosthetics, digital makeup and beauty enhancements.

FX Explosions & Fire

Coming in HOT! Because actors and crew have a much better chance of survival if the fireball is an fx simulation created by our powerhouse cg team!

Characters & Creature Effects

From eye enhancements to fully animated cg creatures, we design and build incredible characters that are guaranteed to make your story come to life!

Invisible Effects

The weather not quite right? The location too modern? Has the stuntman insisted on safety wires? Split screens, clean up, paint outs, timing changes, sky replacements, day for night. You name it. Easy does it. We fix it in post!

From Dusk Till Dawn Visual Effects Sky Replacement

Digital Airplanes and Vehicles

Free up your options with CG vehicles.

We have an extensive CG model library, or we will design and build to your specifications. From aircraft carriers to zeppelins and everything in between.

Special Venue Projects

Create exclusive content for your architectural and immersive dome projections. Dazzle your audience!

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