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We share some of our most useful tools with the VFX community... because we love you.

We roll our own tools.

When off-the-shelf tools reach their limits, we just make our own. And some of those home grown MuseTools are so useful, that we're excited to share them with the world.

Automation is key.

We hate tedious tasks. So we have automated large parts of our pipeline. Although we can't share everything, we think you will find some of our snippets useful.
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Fractal Blocks for Fusion

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The FractalBlocks tool emulates the Blocks style of After Effects' Fractal Noise effect, but in Fusion.

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Grade Fuse for Fusion

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The Grade Fuse is a tool for quick and easy color corrections using Fusion's color pickers, meant to emulate the functionality of Nuke's Grade node.

If you're familiar with color corrections in Nuke, this Grade node will make Fusion feel like home.

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Timecode Converter for Python

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The Timecode Converter contains several useful Python functions to deal with timecode math. It can convert frames to timecode, and vice versa, calculate offsets, locate frames in a quicktime movie, etc.

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