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Professional Service

Visual effects for television, feature film, commercials and special venue projects of any scale, complexity or resolution.

VFX Supervision

We advise shooting complex VFX sequences and supervise the shoot itself. Our photographic location survey and on-set HDR capture service ensures great results through post-production.


Digital Set Extensions

Virtual builds give productions creative and budget flexibility. Visual Effects can extend your stage and limits beyond what’s physically possible.

Full CG Shots

Your vision from script to screen with custom-built assets. Everything is possible!


Digital Makeup and Prosthetics

Cleanup, augment and integrate existing stage makeup or transform an actor’s screen appearance with custom-designed cg prosthetics, digital makeup and beauty enhancements.

FX Exlosions

Actors have a much better chance of survival when the fireball is created by our FX Department.


Characters & Creature Effects

From eye enhancements to fully animated cg characters, we design and build based on the needs of your story.

Invisible Effects

The weather not quite right? The location too modern? Has the stuntman insisted on safety wires? No worries — we can fix it in post.

ncis_Gibbs_Muse VFX.jpg
Madame Secretary Muse VFX.jpg

Digital Airplanes and Vehicles

We have an extensive library of CG vehicles from aircraft carriers to tanks and everything in between. Or, we will design and build it to your specifications.

Realtime Previs

Imagine dailies filled with temp composites rather than green screens. We create virtual 3D sets and integrate them into your green screen live at the time of shooting.


Special Venue Projects

We have extensive experience in creating content for architectural projection and immersive dome projection. Let us help you dazzle your audience!

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